Do you ship internationally?
No, at this moment we only ship in the US. (within the lower 48 States)
We're working hard to bring our products to Canada soon. Stay tuned for updates!

** For Puerto Rico orders, please message us for the best possible shipping rates**

When will my order ship?
Please allow approx. 3-4 business days to fulfill your order. Please keep in mind that we are a small family owned business and we are working on processing your order as quickly as possible. We ship most orders via UPS and are not responsible for any carrier delays.

What type of paint is Lilly Moon Paint?
We carry a few different types of formulas. Our Mineral paint is a smooth matte finish style paint that can be used to achieve distressed looks. Opulent is an All-in-One paint that has a built in primer and top coat. Our Milk Paint provides an authentic chippy look for vintage furniture.

Do you have to sand?
Yes! Giving your surface a quick scuff sand will allow your paint to adhere properly and will give you the best results. You do not have to sand to bare wood, just sand enough to de-gloss the surface and create some grip for the paint to stick to. Use: 150-180 grit

Can I use water with Lilly Moon Paint?
Our paints have a much thinner consistency compared to others on the market, with amazing coverage! If you are afraid you are a bit heavy handed with your application, try using a misting spray bottle with water for an even smoother application.

Do you have to seal Lilly Moon Paint?
Although our paint has a long-lasting finish, it is encouraged to seal both mineral and milk paint for that extra durability.

What is the best sealer?
We have a number of products that can be used to seal your paint. Our Hemp Seed Oil and Furniture Balm is great for sealing milk paint. If you want a long-lasting finish that is durable and will stay looking fresh and new- use our STELLAR SHIELD Top Coat.

Can you spray Lilly Moon Paint? If so, should I use water or floetrol?
Yes, you can spray our paint. We recommend using water to thin it. The amount of water you add really depends on your sprayer. Typically 2-3 tablespoons of water (distilled water works great) per 16oz of paint will give you good results.

Can you use this paint for kitchen cabinets?
Yes! The proper preparation for kitchens is key. Start by cleaning the cabinets with a degreaser/de-glosser like our Furniture Prep Cleaner, Scuff sand with 150-180 grit sanding pad, Wipe sanding dust off, and prime for adhesion or stains if needed. Once all of your prep is complete, paint up to 2 coats of Lilly Moon Paint and seal it with our water-based, water-proof Stellar Shield Top Coat.

What is the best way to apply Stellar Shield?
It is important to use a good quality brush when using our top coat. Apply in thin coats and try not to over work the product by brushing over the same area multiple times. Stellar Shield is very user friendly. It is common to miss some areas on the first coat and it can look a bit streaky. After about 1 hour, it should be dry and ready for the second coat where it will all even out and look beautiful. You can also use a roller or sprayer to apply Stellar Shield.

Can this paint be blended?
Yes, our paints blend beautifully. It is encouraged to only blend within Lilly Moon Paints. We cannot guarantee Lilly Moon Paint will blend well with other brands. Check out our IG for some blended pieces by some talented artists.

Can I paint over laminate?
Painting over slick surfaces can be a bit tricky but yes it absolutely can be done with the right products. Start by cleaning and scuff sanding the surface, wipe clean and prime using our Eclipse BONDING Primer. This primer will ensure your paint will stick to the surface without chipping.

Does Stellar Shield Top Coat yellow?
No. This top coat dries to a crystal clear finish that will not yellow. If you find your piece yellowing, it is likely that the wood underneath the paint is having a reaction. We refer to this as bleed-through. Using a stain blocking primer like our Eclipse Stain Blocker prior to painting is highly recommended.

Does the Eclipse Stain Blocker really cover up wood tannins and stains?
Yes! Our stain blocker is a high performance primer. It is a hybrid product that performs like an oil-based primer but in the water-based formula that we all prefer to work with. It is easy to use, blocks light stains with one coat and heavier stains with 2 coats. For stubborn bleed-through, a longer dry time is recommended.

How much coverage do you get from Smoky Gel Stains?
Available in the 10oz size which typically cover approx. 40 sq. ft. depending on type of wood and how heavily it is applied.

Do I need to top coat the Smoky Gel Stains?
No, our Gel Stains have a built-in top coat. So, an additional coat of sealer is not required. But you can if you are wanting a higher sheen. - The finish on our Smoky Gel Stains is Eggshell. Coverage and Sheen is buildable.

Can I mix the Smoky Gel Stains to make a custom color?
Absolutely. In fact, our Smoky Gel Stains can also be blended to create some fun faux finishes. Check out the pictures under Smoky Gel Stains for some examples!

How can I contact customer service?
Our hours of operation for shipping and customer service are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST, excluding weekends & holidays. You can reach us at: contact@lillymoonpaint.com