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Eclipse Clear Bonding Primer

Eclipse Clear Bonding Primer

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Eclipse Bonding Primer is formulated for super slick surfaces. Use on wood, laminate, plastic, metal & more. This fast drying primer can also be used to seal porous surfaces to even out finishes prior to painting.

Bonds to all surfaces, it is Low VOC, Self leveling and has a fast dry time plus, easy soap & water clean up.


For the best results surface should be clean and free of dust, wax or oils. Clean well with a TSP substitute. Scuff sand surface with 150 grit paper to de-gloss and wipe clean before applying. Stir well before and during use. Do not thin. 

Use a high quality brush, nap roller or sprayer to apply.

Dry to the touch in 30-60 minutes, Paint in 1 hour.

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