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Lilly Moon Paint

Eclipse Stain Blocker

Eclipse Stain Blocker

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Eclipse Stain Blocker: Like the moon blocking sunlight during an eclipse, this revolutionary water-based primer blocks all stains & wood tannins commonly found on furniture. It performs like an oil-based primer with the advantages and ease of use of a water-based formula.

Bonds to all surfaces, it is Low VOC, Self leveling, & has a fast dry time.

Easy soap & water clean up.


Stir well before use. For the best stain blocking results, 2 coats is recommended.  Apply using a brush, roller or sprayer. If thinning is required for spraying add 2oz-3oz of water per 16oz of primer. Dry to the touch in 30 minutes. Allow 1hr dry time (2hrs for heavy stains) before applying paint.

Heavy Stain Blocking Tips: After application, stain may reappear, this is normal. Stain will be sealed and will not bleed through. For extra stubborn stains, allow primer to dry overnight before applying paint.

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