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Lilly Moon Paint

Moon Dust- Sol

Moon Dust- Sol

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Sol is a warm goldish yellow with brown undertones.

Moon Dust by Lilly Moon Paint is our Premium Milk Paint line.

It is 100% all natural ingredients. Non-toxic, Zero VOC, and Solvent Free.

Size available: Pint (16oz) covers approx. 35 Sq. Ft.


MIXING: Simply mix equal parts of the powder with equal parts of warm water. For best results, let the paint mixture sit for 10 minutes before mixing again, ensuring all of the pigments & ingredients have completely dissolved.

Add our Gravity Bonding Agent when painting over a non-porous or previously finished/painted piece of furniture. Gravity will ensure adhesion and give you better control over chipping. We highly recommend to always have the Gravity Bonding Agent on hand when using Moon Dust milk paint. Milk paint is known for its unpredictability when not using the bonding agent.

Because Moon Dust comes in a powder form, you can control how thick/thin you mix the paint.  You can use it as you would regular paint, thinner for a wash/stain or thicker to create texture.

Moon Dust can be top coated with our Hemp Seed Oil,

Furniture Balm, or for extra protection, try our Low-Luster

Top Coat. To protect your piece from water spots and make it easier to clean, it must be top coated.

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