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Lilly Moon Paint

Paintbrush Cleaning Tool

Paintbrush Cleaning Tool

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Introducing the game-changing paintbrush cleaning comb. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning sessions with our comb's two sided design. Switch between a fine tooth and wider tooth comb depending on the size of brush and intensity of leftover paint in your brush.  Cleanup will be a breeze when using our cleaning comb, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your art.

Brush Care: 

  • Remove excess paint with paintbrush comb while cleaning with warm water and dish soap
  • Shake out excess water
  • Let dry in package to retain shape of brush and protect filaments
  • If using an oil based paint or stain, use mineral spirits to clean (remove a majority of oil based paint before introducing water to the brush)


  • Two-sided paintbrush cleaner for maximum cleaning power
  • Using a brush comb helps speed up the brush cleaning process
  • Great for dried on paint - comb easily removes dried paint


  • Two-sided paintbrush cleaner for maximum cleaning power
  • Remove dried on paint
  • Faster clean up
  • Easy to use
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